Common Problem

  • Poor lubrication will cause the cage to wear and collide with the rolling elements or races. The deformation of the cage caused by improper assembly will cause jamming between the cage and the rolling

  • Electro-erosion is mainly caused by electrification of the rotor, and the current breaks down the oil film to form an electric cremation discharge, which makes the surface partially welded, and forms

  • Rust is caused by external moisture being brought into the bearing; or when the equipment is out of service, the bearing temperature is below the dew point, and the moisture in the air condenses into

  • Cracks and fractures of bearing parts are the most dangerous form of failure, which are mainly caused by defective bearing materials, improper heat treatment and severe overload operation; in addition

  • Gluing is a phenomenon in which metal on one surface adheres to another surface. The main reason for this is the lack of oil, insufficient lubrication under grease shortage, and heavy load, high speed

  • Poor lubrication, intrusion of foreign matter such as external dust particles, improper transfer and other reasons will aggravate the wear between the surfaces of the rolling bearing. When the degree

  • When the rolling bearing is working, there is point contact or line contact between the rolling elements and the raceway. Under the action of alternating load, there is a large cyclic contact stress b